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Casino Hiring 300 More Employees for Summer

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The Kansas Star Casino is on the look out for 300 more employees, as they begin on their second phase of a newly constructed expansion. The casino officials state that most of their workers that they hired this past summer for their new casino near the Mulvane area are going to be needed in the beverage and food areas of the casino. This is something that they need to be on the look out for since they will need more employees to cover other areas of the casino; as well as those people that want jobs in the new expansion of the casino.

The temporary casino that went up in an equestrian arena was opened in December, while the permanent casino has been scheduled to open their doors by the end of this year. This is why they are on the hunt for more people to work within the casino once it is opened since the permanent casino is going to be much larger than the temporary. The next phase of the expansion process is going to include a permanent gaming area for visitors, as well as the luxury hotel and extra space for bars and hotels so the guests have more to enjoy during their stay.

The Peninsula Gaming Board that is based in the city of Dubuque, Iowa is the company that is building and managing the casino for the state of Kansas. Later on in the week, they reported that the new casino recorded close to $50.3 million in net revenue alone in their first full quarter of operating which is a large portion. This is something that the state is happy to have on hand when the time comes, not only are they bringing in revenue for the state, but they are also providing a service for the community to use as a whole.

The new jobs are something that the public is anticipating since a lot of residents are out of jobs due to the recession that hit the entire country. For many applicants, the thought of actually having another job is exciting and frightening at the same time. Not only will they once again be able to pay their bills and not have to live day by day, but they just might actually enjoy the jobs that they do get. Starting a new job is always frightening for anyone. For now, the new jobs are expected to be handed out over the course of the month.

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