Amateur Known as Moon Kim Battles to the Top of WBT Bay 101 Shooting Stars

He definitely went over the two million chip mark, and kept right on playing. Not only did he continue the game in the lead, but he took the lead right from the top. This is something that you would not normally expect from an amateur, but he fooled us all when he walked away with his money, chips, and the win that stunned everyone. Is there more in the books for this new player or is he good to go and called it quits?

The local player Moon Kim emerged as a champion after battling through some of the bigger, longer final tables ever in the history of WPT during the Shooting Stars tournament. The final six men in the championship convened at the Bay 101 Casino, including the World Series of Poker bracelet holder Erik Cajelais. He held the lead over Ubaid Habib and Kim. They were all well over the two million chip mark. This made it harder for the three men underneath them to surpass them in the game.


The seriousness set in towards the end of the game. They wanted to know who the next champion was going to be, and if it was going to be something that they all anticipated. Everyone was on top of every move that every player made. All six players played for more than five hours before someone was eliminated. They played 113 hands total during that time, and it was recorded as the longest opening of a WPT event without a player being eliminated during the time.


It was a few more hands before they actually set up to eliminate someone. Elpayaa was actually forced to push or fold during the game. He decided to push, but then was knocked off the board. Kim and Cajelais were neck and neck when it came down to the final round. Kim tried to separate himself from the pack that was forming, after a raise from Badecker he moved in on him. It was a classic race in all means during this time. Kim ended up with a straight, and knocked Badecker out of the picture during this time. Kim had nearly half the chips during this time, with four players still on the board and going good. The tournament also reached the seven hour mark during this time as well.


The chip leader, Erik Cajelais was eliminated during the next round even though he was formerly the chip leader. Joe Serock started the next round on top, until the fate was turned in the river and he was knocked out next. Now that play was up around eight hours, and Kim held around 2.6 million chips, he still was not done fighting just yet. Habib and Kim kept playing, over 35 hands of play and the end was coming down to a near close.


Kim won with a flush and no one seen this coming during the entire game play. This was something that was unforeseen during this time. The crowd watched as Kim took the lead, even after being pretty far behind in the beginning. No one thought this was going to happen, but in the end it was shocking and a great tournament to watch. We will see Kim soon in the next tournament.

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