Basic Strategies for PokerStars Sit and Gos Replacement

PokerStars actually made the decision, as difficult as it was to remove Double or Nothing Sit and Gos from their roster of games. This is most likely from their rampant collusion. In the place of these games, the world’s largest, and I mean largest online poker room put in a similar type of gamealled Fifty50.

Fifty50s are just single table sit and gos that originate with ten players. Just like the Double or Nothings they end when there are just five players left in the game. Unlike Double or Nothings however, these remaining players do not have to split the entire prize amongst themselves. They do not actually double their buy ins like the previous game. Half of the prize pool is split evenly between the five players, and the other half of the pool is divided based on the chip counts. PokerStars will actually break this down and show you exactly what they are doing while dividing the money between the players. This gives players an idea of how many chips they have to have in order to make a certain dollar amount. This is called the chip proportion formula. This is just a hybrid game of the Double or Nothings. When the blinds are small in these games, you should play it tight. It is mostly a survival game, so make sure to stay in the game at all times. There might be different methods that you might want to use compared to the Double or Nothing games. Depending on the situations, just a hand of J-J, A-K and even A-Q would be okay. The middle stage of the game becomes the most crucial and the toughest part of the game. This is also the part where you want to go into chip accumulation mode. Your goal should be to double your money in the end. You should keep your goal realistic, and maybe think of 20%, higher or lower depending on your skills. Finishing with 3,000 chips should get you into this mark. Play a bit looser than you would with Double or Nothings too, and you will see the game goes smoother. The final stage of the game is known as the bubble. This is where there are 6 players remaining. Depending on the amount of chips that you have is how you should play. With a short stack, you have to struggle to stay in the game, and you will need to try to gain more chips. This is the riskier part of the whole game. If you have a big stack, you want to try to get it even bigger. The more chips you have, the better the payout is at the end. The one thing you should keep in mind during the entire game is to have fun while playing.

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