California Gambling Rolls

Find out how to make some delicious California rolls and what exactly they are. If you're into seafood, then these might be just what you want before a long run at the casino or possibly after. It is a complex recipe so it might turn out different each and every time that you go to make it. Make sure to remain patient however, since you will get the recipe down or you will end up adding your own twist to it.



Aprox 30-40 pieces

300 grams of short grain rice

7-10 sheets of Nori (sea weed sheets)

Ready crab sticks

Long cucumber sliced in thin pieces

Sliced medium ripe avocados

Long carrot sliced in thin pieces

Red Caviar

Rolling mat


For the Sushi Rice Sauce

1/3 cup of rice vinegar

Tea spoon of Miri wine

1/3 cup of sugar

Tea spoon of salt


For the Soya Dipping sauce

Dark good quality Soya Sauce

Green Wasabi




No doubt that one of my favourite cuisine is Asian one, is so complex that really needs years to master their recipes, but also so easy once you get into the concept and once more the secret is fresh ingredients.In Japanese cuisine is all about freshness and imagination and as Einstein once said imagination is more important than knowledge and that is why Japanese people really put in their food the most remarkable ingredients.As the largest fish market in the world is not surprise that raw fish has been a delicacy in the thousand years of the countries gastronomy this is why in this recipe we will show you how to create the most famous Japanese sushi and that is California Gambling Rolls!



Get the rolling mat and wrap it good with a food plastic wrap from all sides, otherwise your California rolls will not be done beautifully.The Secret in making good California Rolls is in the sticky rice and as strange it can be to make the perfect sticky rice for sushi really takes years, therefore I will try to give you all the tips necessary in order to create the best sticky rice as it can be.


Put the short grain rice into a deep casserole and wash it good with cold water until water is clear or at least almost clear,



Cover the rice with water and put it on high heat, once it starts to boil then take down the heat and cover it, time to time


Stir the rice so it won’t stick on the bottom of the casserole and leave it for approximately 10 minutes after that take out from


fire and leave it with the cover close for about 20 minutes.




Lay down the rolling mat, on the top put the Nori sheet, wet your hands take the sticky rice and lay it on the top of the Nori so it will cover all the surface of it then turn it over so the sticky rice to be in the down side. Now place on the edge of the Nori about 2 cm from your side 2 crab sticks along so it will cover all the wideness of the Nori sheet , then add the cucumber the carrot and the avocado , carefully start to roll everything together with the rolling mat making half circles and every time pushing down trying to make it square , then again roll more and again push it strong down trying to make it square , continue until everything is rolled nicely together.


Once you finish rolling take a sharp knife and divide in half then put the two half’s together and cut it again in the middle so you will now have four pieces , from one Nori you should be able to cut 4-5 pieces.

Now is time to put the dark soya sauce into a small dipping bowl and add little of the wasabi so the Soya sauce will become spice, be careful because although wasabi is coming from the horseradish family it is extremely spicy.


Now place the California rolls on a nice long dish, garnish with the red caviar on the top and get a nice cold white wine and “itadakimasu” as they say in Japanese and that means Enjoy Your Meal!

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