Casino Fashion code

Not only can you put your money down on the tables and the slots, but you can also find out the social standing of the patrons that visit the casinos. You will know who the high rollers are and who might just be there sight seeing. You might also be able to point out those ladies that you can take the time to talk too. There is everything throughout a casino to look at, while also learning a bit more about the people within it.

A casino is not just a place for gamblers trying their luck; it is also a venue that gives a meaning to the patrons’ lifestyle and social status. Even if it is not necessary for anyone to be wealthy to gamble, patrons still have to adhere to particular casino standards. Dress code and fashion could be one feature that distinguishes one casino from the other.


What to wear at a casino can be a serious dilemma. Casinos all over the world create different dress-codes and establish what is acceptable to wear for an exciting night of gambling. There are exclusive casinos that require you to be extremely glamorous while others would let you in even in tank tops and flip flops.


In general, the audience of European casinos is more smartly-dressed than American ones. The most elite venues require gentlemen to wear tuxedos and ties; while ladies are expected to straddle in evening dresses and high heels. Sticking to a formal dress-code is absolutely necessary to gamble in a casino such as the Hotel de Paris (Monte Carlo) or the Ritz Club London. If you plan to frequent any of such casinos, make sure that you own a couple of  very fashionable and formal attires, and enjoy the beauty of fashion while you’re gambling.


Not every casino is so exclusive though. There are semi-formal casinos that let gentlemen in without a tie and women in less glamorous dresses. In these kind of casino, you can wear similar to what is acceptable at work – like a shirt with a vest over it if you’re a male or a smart skirt or trousers if you’re a female. Obviously you shouldn’t try to make your way in wearing trainers, flip-flops or tank tops; you’ll certainly be stopped by the doormen.


On the other hand, across the Atlantic ocean, things are a little different. Both Atlantic City and Las Vegas seem to be more relaxed in terms of fashion, t-shirts in large sizes often appear as an appropriate dress code! The most casual of casinos allow you to get in wearing just about anything, even in beachwear, so you could also enjoy trying your luck while you’re on a beach holiday. Even in the higher-class American casinos, the dress code is still much more casual compared to the European counterparts. Perhaps the only thing that governs American fashion in casinos is: no shirt, no shoes, no slots.


So before you head out for a gambling night, make sure that you check the casino’s dress code and wear something suitable and appropriate. It’s always better to be a little bit more glamorous than under-dressed, so tie your tie and get your high heels on and get the party started!

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