Casino fashion shows in Las Vegas

Yes, Las Vegas is a big place when it comes to the hottest trends and fashion. You want to make sure that you get the most out of your vacation and see if you can get into one of the hottest fashion shows going on. They walk down the runways and strut their stuff. Sometimes, they are even held within the casino themselves. So find out what the latest fashions are when it comes to wearing them within the casino.

Although the city of Las Vegas is mostly known for its casinos, it has many other exciting things to offer to its visitors. Today, Las Vegas has also obtained a reputation as one of the finest fashion districts and hosts many fashion shows from time to time, always attracting those who are intrigued by the latest trends in the fashion industry.


Indeed, international fashion shows are organized on a regular basis, some of them last for whole week. These are often attended by international top designers who both create and define future fashion trends. Fashion shows bring talented creators together with enthusiastic followers in unique settings, where they have the opportunity to network and be part of the happenings in the glamorous fashion world.


Apart from actual fashion shows, the latest fashion can also be seen in other fashion events and many shopping malls that contain various outlets and stores that showcase what is displayed by the models on the catwalk. Las Vegas’s shopping malls managed to  establish themselves as a great shopping attraction in the US, aided by the great variety that they offer together with the modern and bright ambiance.


There is definitely no better place to host a fashion show than a shopping mall, and in fact, every weekend, the Fashion Show mall (3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109) holds a number of fashion shows, running from Friday to Sunday starting every hour from 12:00 all the way to 18:00. Entrance is free, so really you have no excuse not to attend! This mall has an 80-foot retractable runway that is used to display the most modern fashionable attire and accessories in town.


So apart from setting itself as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is now catching up with other international fashion destinations such as New York, Paris and Milan. We look forward to attending one of these exciting fashion shows in our next gambling trip to Las Vegas!

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