How to Avoid Looking Suspicious at a Casino

Casinos are well known for being very profitable, for themselves at least. There are millions of dollars that enter into casinos

Casinos are well known for being very profitable, for themselves at least. There are millions of dollars that enter into casinos each year and with that amount of money it is no wonder that there are people out there willing to cheat the systems for a piece of the profit. With all of the cheaters out there casinos look closely at the players around the casino. You may be doing something alarming to the dealers or pit bosses without even knowing it. Follow this list of tips to avoid looking suspicious while you are playing at a table in any casino.


Use a Single Hand When You Can

One of the biggest telltale signs of a cheater is someone who uses two hands to grab onto items, or someone who just touches things around the table too much. Players are constantly hiding objects around the table, sliding cards out of hidden spots in their sleeves, and swapping out chips to avoid paying when they lose.


The best way to avoid looking suspicious is to only touch what you have to touch. Don’t rub on your chips or move them around after you place them on the table. When you have to hold cards make sure you hold them with only a single hand. Doing this will keep the dealers at ease and you can enjoy playing the game without worrying about their suspicions.


Avoid Contact with Other Players

Whether you are currently playing a game, or just watching you shouldn’t be too close to any people who are actually playing the game. It is possible for players to work together to beat the system and you could swap cards between one another or help each other cheat in other ways. Casinos are on the lookout for players who are working together. You don’t want to appear to be helping anyone cheat in the casino and by avoiding contact with them you won’t have to worry about doing so.


Let Your Winnings Sit

Even if you honestly win a hand don’t even think about collecting those winnings until after everything on the table has been settled. Make sure everyone has given up their chips and then pull away your chips. By grabbing your winnings too early, you make yourself look like you are trying to snatch your chips without paying what is owed. Although you won and you don’t owe a thing you will still make a dealer wary if you grab your chips too soon.


Keep the Table Clear

It is not okay to put anything other than cards and chips on a table. Don’t set your cellphone down on the surface, or your wallet or anything else. Additional items mean additional hiding spots and opportunities to cheat the system.


Don’t Reach Too Far

If you have to stretch over the table to place a bet let the dealer do it for you. You don’t want to stretch your hand over any other player’s chip pile or the casino runs the risk of you swapping chips on them.

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