How to Play Omaha Poker

For anyone familiar with Texas Hold’em Omaha Poker will be very easy to learn because that is what it was created from.

For anyone familiar with Texas Hold’em Omaha Poker will be very easy to learn because that is what it was created from. In Omaha Poker every player is dealt four hole cards and five cards are laid down on the table. Every player has to make the best possible hand that they can using two of their hole cards and three of the cards on the table.



There is a big blind and a little blind. The first player right after the dealer must lay down the big blind which is equal to the minimum bet amount of your game. The second player has to lay down a little blind which is equal to half of the big blind. The blinds have to be paid as long as you are playing in the game and they must be laid down before the cards are even dealt.



At the beginning of the game the four cards are dealt to each of the players. From there you go around the table starting with the player right after the dealer. Every player has the option to fold their hand and sit out of the game for the rest of the turn. If you decide to fold you will lose any chips that you have bet and any blind that you had to pay. To stay in the game you have to match the big blind. You also have the option to raise, or to bet more money on top of the big blind that was already laid down. The amount that you can bet depends on the limit type of Omaha Poker that you are playing.


After everyone has finished betting you get to see the flop. During the flop the first three of the five table cards are flipped over. From there you go around the table again and you can check if nobody has bet anything yet. You can also bet, raise, or fold your hand. When you have gone all the way around the table the fourth card or the turn is flipped over and you repeat the process again. You then flip over the final card or the river. You will go around the table one final time giving players the option of betting, checking or folding once again. Any players who are left in the game will then flip over their cards and the winner will be determined using the basic rules of poker hands. 


While the game is pretty simple to play there are quite a few rules and you will have an easier time learning if you actually play the game. Study the basic rules of the game until you feel like you grasp it somewhat, and then try to play an actual game. There are plenty of online poker rooms that allow you to play for fake money and they are great places for new players to learn how to play the game well before risking any real money. After you have learned to play the game well you can try your hand at a real money game at a casino or over the internet.  

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