Indian Gambling Hopes

One day, the online gambling market in India may be worth over a mind-blowing five billion dollars! Recent bans in the United States may have caused much panic, with the forty billion dollar Indian betting market being put under strain, but online gambling has no such concerns and is not restricted by borders. Most of the betting is focused on the Indians love for cricket, yet there are some gambling volumes for soccer, tennis and F1 racing. Some of the world best gambling operators are now desperately trying to secure the countries first ever online gambling licence.

Gambling is a boom business in India and it is plain to see why the world gambling operators are looking for ways to launch their online enterprises in one of the largest countries in the world. Betfair, BWin and PlayWin are just a few of the operators who are looking for a slice of the pie; they have a specific job and that is to get their customers to part with their credit card information. It will not be long now before there are tens of thousands of Indian online gambling sites making their homes on your computer, as well as on computers all over the great nation of India!

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