Las Vegas Burger

Kobe beef is a type of Japanese beef that you can only find throughout Japan, and it is the most expensive beef at that. In order to get a burger from one of the famous restaurants on the Las Vegas strip made from Kobe beef, you have to pay $5,000. Does this seem a bit much to you for a hamburger? Hey, everyone has their tastes and when it comes to Kobe beef, it is one of those tastes that tastes too good to pass up.






About 3-4 beef burgers

500 grams of filet mignon minced beef

1 large onion finely chopped

1 Portobello mushroom finely chopped

2 egg yolks

a full hand of finely chopped parsley

a pinch of red paprika

a pinch of saffron

Sunflower Frying oil

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste (a tip is if u want to taste the seasoning cook a pinch of the meat and then taste)


For the Bun Burger Bread Butter

3-4 Table spoons of butter (unsalted)

Couple of sticks of fresh thyme

2-3 zest of an orange

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste


For the Burger Salad

2 roundly chopped tomatoes

2 roundly chopped cucumbers

1 roundly chopped large onion

A hand full of rocket leaves roughly copped

3-4 Table spoons of caper pickles

Pinch of Sesame oil

Pinch of balsamic Vinegar

Sea Salt and pepper to taste



There are burgers and then again there are burgers! Did you know that the most expensive burger in the world it cots $5000! Yes it is true and if you want to know were then let us tell you that is at the “Fleur de Lys Restaurant” in Las Vegas and it is done by Kobe beef which is the most expensive beef in the world which is a special breed in Japan.

In our version of beef burger we are going to use top quality ingredients which will not cost you a fortune to prepare our gourmet version of this beef burger. With this recipe you will understand that beef burgers doesn’t necessarily mean’s junk food but it can be a nice high quality dinner or lunch for your love ones and it can be escort nicely with a chilled beer or a good red wine.


For the burgers mix all the ingredients in a bowl very well so when you form the beef burgers all the ingredients will be nicely joined each other.

Water your hands little bit so you can form the burgers more easily, now create the round burgers with a diameter of about 6-8 cm and thick of about 3-4cm.Keep these proportions as it will keep the burger nice and moister, if you create it smaller then it will just dry out.

After you finish with the burgers put on a plate, cover with plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, this it will allow cooking the burgers nicely without falling apart.

For the bun burger bread butter, putt all the ingredients on a food processor and mix extremely well, put in a container and leave in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes.

Pre-heat the oven fan at 200 Celsius, heat the griller in a medium fire, before you start cooking the burgers oil them with sunflower oil from all the sides, place the burgers on the grill, cook for approximately 2-3 minutes on each side turning only once then put on an oven-proof pan and put in the pre-heated oven for approximately 10 minutes, if you want the burgers to be well-done then cook for 13-14 minutes.

For the burger salad, mix all the ingredients in a bowl and leave aside.

On the griller place the bun burger bread face down and cook until the grillers lines leave light brown marks on the bun, then remove and immediately butter generously with the bun burger bread butter, the butter will melt nicely on the bun.

Place on white warm plates the bun and on top the burger, top of the burger place the salad and then on the side you can leave the second bun, personally I enjoy this kind of food with a nice chilled beer of course a good red wine also goes well with our gourmet Las Vegas style burger!

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