• Losing Streaks, Mind Games and Casino Betting

    When you bet on casino games, winning should always be on your mind. And anytime you are winning, you are sure to be having a good time. But it is when you are on the losing side of things that you really get to see what you are made of. During these times, you will […]

  • How losing affects your game

    If you are a poker player, you know how bad losing on a regular basis can be. Sure, you know that you are going to lose from time to time, but making this a habit can lead to many problems. This is especially true if you are new to the game of poker. Here are […]

  • Online Poker Collusion

    It is important to note that cheating has happened in the past in online poker games and might happen in future. These days all the big online poker sites have programs that automatically notice when cheating might be going on. Also the big online poker sites have employees whose only job is to prevent, find […]

  • Choosing an Online Sport Betting Site

    When you first stumble into the world of online sports betting you might be shocked at how many online sports betting sites you can find. No one knows the exact amount of online bookmakers, however it is estimated that there is currently hundreds, if not thousands, of sites offering online sports betting. Choose a Reliable […]

  • The Chips, Their Colours and Their Values

    Let’s face it – Casinos are a great experience. From the noise of various machines, a scream from a winner hitting it big, the smell of poker buddies enjoying a cigar, to the taste of comp drinks, casinos are a feast for the senses. And for your sense of touch (and a great way to […]

  • Lesser Known Casino Games: Chuck-a-Luck

    “Chuck-a-Luck” is a gambling game with three dice in a cage somewhat similar to a birdcage (although in reality, the cage does look like the offspring of an hourglass and birdcage!) Players bet on the outcome of the three dice.

  • Games of Skill and Luck

    In any kind of casino game, there are games that are considered skill, and there are games that are considered luck. However, no matter how you look at it, most games are a little bit of both. Even in the case of a pure luck game like the giant spinning wheel of fortune, there’s a […]

  • Casino Staff: Dealers

    A dealer is the casino employee in change of running the game you are playing. While many people think of “card dealers”, the term can include dealers working at roulette, money wheels, or any other of the numerous games at your favourite casino. The dealer’s job is to make sure guests are having a good […]

  • Sport betting Secrets

    With the extra saving in your hands, would you like to reinvest them and make a little more cash out of them? With a low start up cost, many sports betting systems can provide you with a good source of extra income. A lot of beginners tasted success with small and big wins and eventually […]

  • The Next Worst Strategies for Texas Hold’em

    Playing From the Blinds Playing from the blinds has got to be almost as bad. Playing passive is kind of like smoking cigarettes everyday – it will cost you a lot of money and slowly kill you. Playing from the blinds I guess would be like taking a gun and shooting yourself in the face. […]

  • The oldest trick in the book

    If you aren’t preying on the poor, innocent, helpless, disadvantaged players at the table, you’re not playing poker like a man. In this cut throat game you’ve got to take every advantage you can get. Whether that is using an odds-calculator, bullying with a large stack, forcing bad pot odds, multi-tabling and only playing premium […]

  • Three Critical Poker Strategy Mistakes

    Poker Strategy Mistake #1 – Calling Too Much Calling is the biggest tell-tale sign that you haven’t hit or aren’t comfortable with what’s currently happening (the bets, the cards, etc.) When you call too much you give away your position. Bad players call too often and it’s very obvious when they have a good hand […]