Operation Lucky 7 unlucky for some

Throughout the city of Miami, a lot of people were staying blind when it came to illegal machines that were placed throughout the city. This is because they just didn't want to get involved. However, law officials caught on after some time and they are now cracking down and sending out fines and other heavy duty things so that businesses know it is not good to keep these illegal machines throughout their establishments, even if their customers liked them.

Operation Lucky 7 saw the confiscation of several gambling machines most of which were found in Little Havana and Allapattah. A police statment claimed that these machines were all about “ripping off customers and generated untaxed earnings for businesses in violation of state law and local ordinances".


The police of Miami Police said they had received several complaints about the machines, and so they partnered with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations and other agencies for a successful Operation Lucky 7. They also stated that the police remains committed to eliminate any machines that victimize customers into illegal gambling practices and that decrease the quality of life of the citizens of Miami.


These illegal and unregulated machines are games of chance, some of which pay out replays or points that can be redeemed for cash at the establishment. About 25 merchants were given notices to appear in court during the sweep. Some machines carried what appeared to be valid license stickers, which were improperly put on the machines. Police said some of those merchants had been deceived into believing that the games are actually legal. All the confiscated machines will be destroyed.


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