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If you are a dedicated online poker player, Poker Office is one of the best investments that you can make. 


If you are a dedicated online poker player, Poker Office is one of the best investments that you can make. It is poker software that enables you to track statistics and odds as well as take notes while your games are going on. You use the software with any of the many supported poker rooms and it will display a bunch of great odds around the table while you are playing. You will be able to see the pot odds for each of the players involved in the game. You will also be able to see the outs that you have for your specific hand. While the real time tracking is more than enough to make it worth the cost, there are plenty of other features that are just as great.

Player Tracking
The software will keep stats of the opponents that you are facing to give you an idea of who is a strong player and who is an easy target. You also have a spot where you can take your own detailed notes about players and you can see those notes later on as well.

Hand Replayer
Whether you want to show off a good hand to your friends and family members, or you want to train yourself to make better decisions you can use the built in hand replayer to do so. The replayer allows you to choose what speed you travel through the specified hand or set of hands at. It also lists a bunch of different odds and it allows you to filter through hands to the specific ones that you want to deal with.

The program comes with a very sophisticated graphing system. With the graph you can compare all of your different play styles and figure out how changes in your play style affect your profits. You can learn if making yourself more aggressive will increase or decrease your profits, or learn about playing certain cards and how they will affect your overall profits. It allows you to focus on each specific part of your game and figure out the best way to improve your game which is one of the most valuable features of this program in my opinion.

Mucked Cards
Normally when a player mucks their cards you don’t know what it is that they were bluffing with unless you want to go into the hand history and find out. With this software you will always see what cards your opponent had and you will get a good picture of their play style. You would be surprised at how predictable many of the lower limit players are and with Poker Office you will know exactly what to expect.

All in all Poker Office is a very powerful tool that can definitely improve a players potential to earn money at online poker. With all of the extra information you will be able to make better decisions throughout the game and profit more often than not, which is what most poker players are going for.

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