Pokerstars $50,000 Free Roll Tournament


Pokerstars is offering freeroll tickets into a whopping $50,000 event for anyone who is willing to participate in the micromillion tournaments. There are several different Micromillions tournaments going on from the 15th of March until the 25th and there is $5 million in prizes being given out across them all. Most of the tournaments are very affordable and you can join them with a buy in as small as 11 cents.

 Each of the tournaments is sure to feature a huge number of opponents in a multi-table tournament style. In these tournaments you will have to play at one table until most of your enemies are eliminated. From there you will join another table and you will continue switching from table to table until you are either eliminated yourself or you have won the entire tournament.


In order to qualify for your free entry into the $50,000 free roll you have to compete in at least 7 of the events. With 100 different micro tournaments to participate in there is plenty of money going around. Paying for seven different tournaments might seem like a large investment, but since most of the tournaments are very cheap to get into you can earn your ticket with a very small investment for the amount of price money that is being offered. The event will be held on the first of April and it is sure to be exciting for everyone involved. With such high dollar prizes there will be many different skill levels of opponents participating. You will be able to take part whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete novice looking to get his feet wet.


These micro tournaments are an excellent way for a newer player to improve their bank roll. Since the buy-ins are so low you can drastically increase your money with a win, and you barely have to risk anything at all. The only downside to these tournaments is the small chance for victory. Even very skilled players will have a hard time making it to the end of the tournament because of the sheer number of players that are involved. The sheer length of the tournaments will help separate the novice players from the skilled. Most of the skilled players should be able to outlast the newer players with longer than average tournaments. Many newer players will wear out quickly from an extended match and you can immediately take advantage of their lack of interest in the table.


At the very least players will be treated to several different very entertaining tournaments that will have huge numbers of participants all working to win the alluring price pools that come along with them. Even if you don’t manage to win a tournament or make it into the money you should have a good time taking on some tough opponents. After all what is the point of poker if it isn’t to relax with some friends and have a good time doing it. Sure the cash prizes are nice, but they aren’t everything. 

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