Scotty Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen was born in Nha Trang, VN on October 28, 1962 but he moved to Henderson, Nevada. He lived in Vietnam during the war

Scotty Nguyen was born in Nha Trang, VN on October 28, 1962 but he moved to Henderson, Nevada. He lived in Vietnam during the war between his country and the United States and it is a very different place now than when he grew up there. The daily life was filled with hardship and poverty.


His mother put away what little amount she could at a time to save up enough money to send Scotty over to the United States away from the war that was going on within Asia. He started his journey when he was just 11 years old. He found a job working a manual laborer when he arrived, and stayed where he was until an American family agreed to sponsor him when he was just 13 years old. He was ready to move forward.


He was having a hard time living with the family that sponsored him, and wanted a change to a warmer place that resembled his home town. He had the request granted and he was sent somewhere else into California. He skipped classes in high school because he was bored and would steal bikes, break windows, and then he found poker. Poker was the diversion that he needed and wanted. He first played in his friend’s houses, and then moved on to pool halls and in back rooms where the games went to higher levels. When he was in his 20’s he moved to Vegas to be closer to the action. He chose a job cleaning tables in a casino. He then built up a bankroll and hoped to play more on his hobby. He then moved on to dealing cards in the casino.


He started observing the mistakes made by the players that he dealt to and this made him stronger in his game. He then started applying these methods that he learned to the lower games in the casino. His goal of playing professional poker is much closer now that he is closer to the games. He became more serious with his game play. He then quit dealing cards and picked up on playing poker full time. He has lost and built his bankroll a number of times. He never again took a traditional job though, and he stuck to playing poker as a career. He has won hundreds of tournaments over the years. He has collected five WSOP bracelets and made history as the first player to ever win both the Main Event in 1998 and the $50K H.O.R.S.E. Championship in 2008.


He holds several World Poker Tour titles and was the first player ever in history to win the triple crown of a WPT Championship. He holds a lot of titles and extras for winning a lot of tournaments.

"The fans are No. 1 for a poker player," he confessed to after his 2008 H.O.R.S.E. victory. "Without the fans, I'd never be who I am now …"

"It's important to give fans what they want – a good game, a good show," he continued.

"The fans fly in from all over the world. They fly in from Germany, Australia, London, and Paris, just to come and see you. They ask you for pictures, autographs, and you can't say no to them. I always stop."

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