Screwed Chicken

A lot of people want to go with the quickest meal possible but it is not always the healthiest meal in the world either. You will want to then find out if you can get a healthier alternative to the meal that you have been eating. With chicken, you can cook it in a healthy way without having to deep fry it or batter it in unhealthy breading. The recipe is below on how to skewer your chicken in order to make a tasty meal.




Aprox every chicken breast makes 2-3 skewers with 6-8 pieces on each skewer

Chicken breast cut in cubes approximately 4x4cm

Pitta bread

Diced Cucumbers

Diced Tomatoes

Diced Onions


Salt & Pepper

Virgin Olive Oil

Aprox 20cm wooden skewers


Tzatziki Dipping

5-6 table spoons of organic Sheep Yogurt

2x Finely chopped cucumber

1 x Finely Chopped garlic

2-3 Tablespoons of finely chopped dry spearmint

Pinch of Salt to taste




Living in the Mediterranean all my life just can’t leave behind the influence of having easy healthy food, but also presentable at the same time. For me personal I like the fact that something delicious can be easily eaten without big preparations, servings etc.


In Greek the word “souvlaki” means pieces of meat cut in small cubes on a skewer, that meat can be anything from pork,beef,chicken , all are just delicious with the right seasoning and spices and of course the nice “tzatziki” dipping.


There are two parts of the chicken were you can get you chicken kebabs done , one is from the chickens legs and the other is from the breast , I personally choosing the breast as the meat from the legs have sometimes a bit grey colour and aesthetically it doesn’t look nice.


The Specific food is great for parties with many people as it doesn’t require fork and knifes and it can be an enjoyable main course even when your guests are standing.




Put the cubed chicken into a bowl and drizzle with a good virgin oil, salt and pepper and mix all together.

Pass the cubed chicken on the wooden skewers and make sure that one piece of meat with the other is well pushed on each other, in this way the pieces will not be rolling when you will grill them.



Heat the griller on a medium to low temperature and start cooking , never cook the kebabs on high heat as they will burn on the outside and stay raw in the insight.


Basically turn each side every 1-2 minutes until the outside begins to get slightly brown , don’t overcook them because chicken breast can become very chew.


In the meantime put all the ingredients for the Tzatziki dipping into a bowl and mix well, really the secret for a successful Tzatziki is mixing all ingredients extremely well together.




Get the Pitta bread and place it on the griller too, one way to understand if the Pitta bread is ready is when it will start get pumped in the middle , like a balloon , but that again depends from the make of the pitta bread. Just to be on the safe side cook for 3 minutes on each side.


Cut the pitta bread  in the middle  and put it on a nice round dish , on top place the kebabs and sprinkle generously with the cucumber , tomato, onions , aside place a spoon of the Tzatziki , grab a nice beer and “Kali Oreksi” as we say in Greek and that means have a great appetite!

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