Spain’s Gambling Ban

A recent gambling ban making the rounds globally tried to edge Spain out of the running’s for decent online gaming websites. Spain would not stand for this though and is more than ready to improve their situation in order to get any ban out of the way. Spain now has two official groups who handle all of the gambling regulations that come to the table. The USA took its sweet time in correcting these laws – laws that wished to set harsh limits on all gaming within Spain. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Maria Angeles Gonzales admitted that the smaller regions in Spain will need to come up with their ways to fight the regulations though.

Quite a number of meetings have now been held and the new measures have been discussed for hours at end. One of the many important meetings was held in Madrid. The most prominent of the Spanish betting organisations, known as LAE (Loterias y Apuestas de Espana, the national Spanish lottery operator) was not available for further comments. This is a great shame as the LAE usually holds the final word in these situations. Any banning or restrictions are ridiculous attempts at best as many countries rely on online gaming for cash flow.

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