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  • Las Vegas Burger

    Las Vegas Burger

    Kobe beef is a type of Japanese beef that you can only find throughout Japan, and it is the most expensive beef at that. In order to get a burger from one of the famous restaurants on the Las Vegas strip made from Kobe beef, you have to pay $5,000. Does this seem a bit much to you for a hamburger? Hey, everyone has their tastes and when it comes to Kobe beef, it is one of those tastes that tastes too good to pass up.

  • Turn on the Surf flambe

    If you’re headed to Thailand to do some gambling, then you want to make sure that you get the best meal that there is. Especially if you have spent some time on an airplane. That flight might leave you wanting more calories than you can take. A good Surf and Turf might be in order, which would be a tasty lobster with steak. If cooked the right way, these two combinations can provide you with what is needed when it comes to consuming calories.

  • Rakeback Beef

    There is a lot of speculation out there on how a good piece of steak should be cooked. This is because everyone likes it cooked all the way or some like it rare or medium. This is differing tastes at work. However, knowing more about the process on how to cook the steak is important. This is due to the fact that if it is not cooked the right way, no matter how you like it, it is not going to turn out good.