The Adjusted Bet Technique

The Adjusted Bet technique figures out what type of bet is going to generate the maximum amount of money for you.

As a poker player you can boost your earnings a lot through trial and error. The Adjusted Bet technique figures out what type of bet is going to generate the maximum amount of money for you. The bet is one of the most important parts of any poker player’s game. It is one of the elements that you have a great deal of control over, and when you pick the right amount of money to bet you maximize your profits. When you choose the wrong amount of money you lose out on a huge amount of money which could mean taking a loss over the long run rather than a profit. There are a few different ways that you can generate your own bet amount, but it is important that you do so for every situation.

The first way to get a good bet amount is through trial and error of your own hands. If you made a bet on the river against conservative players last time and they all folded, take your next river bet down a notch. If on the other hand the players bet eagerly raise your bet up a little bit. The whole point of the adjusted bet technique is to figure out what bets work for what players. Through trial and error you should be able to increase your earnings by quite a bit over time.

The next way to improve your betting accuracy is through research of other players. Look back over hand logs and find out what the other players were betting to make money off their hands. Chances are good that you will be able to learn a lot from some of the players that you come up against. By watching a large number of players you can figure out what bets work well much faster than you would be able to determine it on your own.

Using Your Research
The next step after figuring out the optimal bet amounts is to put that information to use for you. You can’t use the same bet amount every time because watchful players will quickly begin to catch on. Instead you should bet in a range around your determined bet amounts. If you dip down by as much as 20 percent of your normal bet, and raise it by 20 percent in other situations you will still make the same amount of money, players just won’t be able to see the pattern. Poker should always be played with instincts and giving yourself a betting range allows you to use instinct as well as calculation.

Make your betting range as large as you can successfully but always make sure to go above and below your bet to keep yourself unpredictable. Another key to successfully earning with the Adjusted Bet technique is to never stay in the same place. Always take new factors that you figure out into account and continue to adjust your bets for as long as you are playing poker. By remaining flexible you can keep improving your performance over time, and that is the beauty of the technique.

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