Quality Casino Games Coming to Android

If you are the type of person who enjoys playing slot machines or video poker you may be able to take your favorite games with you on the go. Android phones are going to begin getting access to some very high quality slot machine games through the Android Air gaming platform. While slot machines for cell phones aren’t anything new, slot machines and casino games for real money on cell phones is. 

All Slots Casino is a well known online casino that is now making a move into the mobile market. They offer cutting edge technology and some of the best mobile games on the market today.

With the All Slots Casino you can play a large number of different slot machines and casino games anywhere that you have cell phone service.  They offer 22 different casino games which are all slot machines, video poker, or blackjack. Each of the games offered with the service are full games, and they function just as they would on a full sized computer.


The games are all offered by All Slots Casino and they are very similar to the Microgaming Viper Casino setup. Each of the 22 different games can be accessed through the same lobby. You simply sign into the lobby and you can begin playing the game of your choice.Each of the games is easy to use and built specifically for your Android device. If you phone has a touch screen (most Android phones do these days) you will be able to use that screen to manipulate the game at hand. You would think that it would be more difficult to play a casino game on a significantly smaller screen but with these games that just isn’t the case. Although the games have less space to work with they manage to remain very easy to operate and it feels like there is more than enough space to work with. Because of the simple straight forward layout, the phone version of these games may actually be easier to play than the version made for the computer.


If you decide that you are interested in trying out the game suite, you can make your initial deposit through a number of different methods. They Accept Visa, Mastercard, Netcash, Ukash and Pay For It. Each of the methods is relatively easy to use and most importantly completely secure. When you make your deposit there are a few benefits that you stand to gain. Most new customers will be able to have their deposits matched up to $200. They also give out a set of free spins to new customers so that they can try out some of the slot machines without losing any money at all.

With your casino on the go you will be able to enjoy any idle time that you have. Whether you are sitting at the doctors office, waiting in a line at the DMV or just trying to think of something to do on your lunch break, you can enjoy your favorite casino games and maybe even win some money at the same time. 

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