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  • Biggest Gambling Stories of Last Year

    2009 was a busy year and for some of us it passed in the flash of an eye. During 2009, some of the biggest gambling stories ever were swept under the carpet. We highlight some of the more popular gambling and betting stories that you may have missed out on during 2009:

    • Modern day card counting – The iPhone is the biggest selling smart phone in the world so it is no mystery that it would eventually have its very own card counting application for the millions of iPhone users. This is a new threat that casino owners struggle to combat, as there is a stealth mode that prevents the phones software from being detected by security companies.
    • Alabama Gov. Bob Riley was one of the biggest supporters of the crusade to remove online gambling and electronic betting machines from towns across the States. In a hypocritical move, the governor himself bet a crate of oranges against a crate of ribs – all that for a football game and the price of his pride.
      • It has now been proven that even the saintly can enjoy a game of poker, and enjoy big winnings as well. Father Andrew Tapp, a priest from South Carolina won over $100,000 in one of the biggest poker tournaments of the year. With luck like that, there is hope for anyone.