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  • Tobey Maguire ‘to appear in court over gambling ring’

    Tobey McGuire, everyone's favorite Spider-Man has to appear in court over charges of being involved in an illegal gambling ring. This is something that has come to a shock to a lot of his fans. Where did he go wrong? Are these charges accurate and true? No one is going to know much until he goes through with the trial to find out more about these accusations and to see what sentence awaits him at the end once trial has ended.

  • Ben Affleck loses $400,000 in illegal Poker game?

    Ben Affleck might like his poker games, but no one thought he would suck so bad and at an underground, illegal table at that. Where did he go wrong during this spin. Magazines and news channels everywhere are reporting the close to half a million dollars that he lost in one sitting at the tables. However, all of the other players at the table that are owed this money are denying the fact that they were ever there to begin with since they do not play underground poker tournaments.

  • Jennifer Tilly: The sexy Unabombshell

    Jennifer Tilly took the world over with her charm and exceptional poker skills. No one saw it coming when she took the gold bracelet home. She is known for a lot of her voice overs on television shows such as Bonnie the neighbor in Family Guy. She is that sweet spoken, soft woman that you might not think you can get beat by, but think again since she has gone through many tournaments walking away with a lot of cash and a lot of people wondering how she did it.