The Poker Controller


If sitting over top of your computer for hours leaves you with an aching back and exhausted hands I have just the gadget for you, the poker controller. This wireless controller created by has everything you need to compete in an online poker game. 

With this very handy device you can sit back and relax while your poker match unfolds before you.


Basic Features

The controller comes with all the basic features that you could ever want in a poker room. It comes with 5 pre determined bet buttons, as well as a bet wheel that allows you to change your bet on the fly. There are also buttons that allow you to bet, check, or fold during a game. You will also have the ability to auto post blinds, and the options to sit in or out of a game. While these features aren’t anything to write home about, they give you all of the tools that you need to successfully play a poker game effectively.


Advanced Features

While all of the basic features are enough to get most poker players excited, the selection of advanced features that come with the device are what sold me on it. First and foremost is the ability to switch from one table to another. I got the device with the idea that it wouldn’t support table switching it all, let alone as smoothly as this device does it. If you, like me, like to play several tables at a time you will actually have an easier time managing them with this controller than you did with your computer. While it works the best with only two tables, it functions pretty well with three or four as well.

Another handy feature that this comes with is the anti-tilt function. There is a lockout feature that will keep you from playing after you have a bad loss in the game. You simply set the amount of time that you want to be locked out of the game and hit the button when you think you need a minute to calm down. I didn’t think I would use this feature very much because who really wants to be locked out of a game, but after I started using it regularly my earnings went up. Even if there is something at the table that you aren’t able to control, the controller comes with a built in track pad that will give you an additional level of control for just about anything.



The controller is a really great investment for anyone who plays a lot of online poker. While it won’t word for every table most of the big companies are completely supported. Most players find that they eventually make a return on their investment for this controller by being able to play more efficiently, and by being able to play longer sets of games without being burnt out. If you are a decent poker player you can make some extra money by having this device by your side when you sign into your account. 

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